Choosing the best live transfer mortgage leads for your mortgage business is becoming increasingly more of a challenge.
You may have bought live transfer mortgage leads previously, and paid premium dollar on their behalf... Simply to have dismal results together with your mortgage leads that fell far lacking the promised results.
The end result is you need to have new, fresh, and high quality mortgage leads arriving on a daily basis.
But not all mortgage leads are created equal... Particularly in today's challenging refinance marketplace.

Live Transfer Mortgage Refinance Leads- Not the same as Other Internet Mortgage Leads
What separates our using their company Internet generated leads? A few different things...
First, with our live transfer mortgage refinance leads, you have a 100% contact ratio.
You might have bought other Internet leads that are sent in "real time". So how many of these leads are you currently in a position to contact?

It has been proven industry wide, that the contact ratio on these "real time" mortgage leads is really a dismal 30%. This means that for each 100 leads you purchase, you actually only contact 30 real customers out of those 100 leads.
And you may happen to be promised that these real-time mortgage leads were semi exclusive... That they are only sold to simply two or three others.
But exactly how true is the fact that? You mortgage lead seller may be truthful, however these leads may have been further shared among tow or three others by the buyer.
So by the time you actually contact one of these 30 homeowners, you receive hear a "not interested" and also the phone slamming down because the homeowner has already been contacted by six or seven other brokers by the time you receive them on the telephone.
Not so with our live transfer mortgage refinance leads... In the end, the homeowner cannot be talking to several loan officer at any given time.
And also, since our live transfer mortgage leads are fully screened before the homeowner is even transferred to you, you know that they are qualified according to...
Their LTV
Their current rate of interest
Their credit rating
Their payment history
Their employment

So not only are you currently contacting 100% of each and every lead you purchase... You also know that your leads are capable of fit the parameters of your loan program...
Whether it's a , a FHA/VA refinance lead, or perhaps a reverse mortgage lead...

Live Transfer Mortgage Refinance Leads That Actually Close
Not just are you seeing a 100% contact ratio with this live transfer mortgage refinance leads, but we are seeing an average of a 32% application rate... And a 17% closing rate.
How come our numbers so high? Because we make use of a stringent data scrubbing program to insure our live transfer mortgage leads are as high quality as possible.
Without needing the right data to generate your mortgage leads, you are not really getting anything further than a list of homeowners as well as their phone numbers...
In other words, they are not qualified in the least.
The better the original data you use to generate your mortgage leads, the more qualified the live transfer mortgage refinance lead is going to be.
We don't even begin to contact the homeowner unless we know that they are capable of meeting the loan program parameters for whether HARP refinance lead or perhaps a FHA or VA streamline refinance lead.
As well as then, they do not make the cut and obtain used in you until after their details are verified by our American based call center.
Only if they meet the loan program parameters will they be transferred to you.
Which means you not only have a very warm lead that's pre-qualified... But you have a homeowner that is genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Live Transfer Mortgage Refinance Leads At Half Price
We'll even put our money where our mouth is and allow you to try out our live transfer mortgage leads at half price in your initial order.
This way you can see for yourself the quality, as well as the interest level, of your mortgage leads before you commit a sizable art of your lead budget on an untried lead source.
Main point here.. Our live transfer mortgage refinance leads convert. Call us at 888-749-8338
or check us out on the internet and you can test them out for yourself.